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      • [Company] Airbus DS releases rugged smartphone/TETRA radio hybrid: the 日期:2016-08-05 00:22:00 點擊:2268 好評:20

        Airbus Defence and Spacehas released theTactilonDabat smart radio, which it claims is a big leap in TETRA evolution, by integrating a fully ruggedsmartphoneand a complete TETRA handheld radio in one device. TheTactilonDabat is resistant to...

      • [News] 3GPP approves standard for mission-critical PTT (MCPTT) over 日期:2016-03-21 00:15:00 點擊:4024 好評:4

        Mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) functionality is now part of the LTE standard in Release 13, which was frozen by the 3GPP standards body last week in Sweden. As a result, MCPTT-capable equipment should be available for FirstNet when...

      • [News] DAMM replaces P25 system with TETRA for the Madhya Pradesh P 日期:2016-03-21 00:12:00 點擊:2439 好評:4

        The Digital TETRA Radio Trunking System is expected to serve the communication requirement of all coordination, crowd management and law and order activities during SIMHASTHA 2016, the largest human aggregation on earth. IMHASTHA or the Ma...

      • [News] TETRA over LTE - Broadband evolution 日期:2016-03-21 00:03:00 點擊:2940 好評:4

        TETRA hasevolved from slow-speed data in its first release and integrates wideband data / TEDS today.TEDSgives higher data rates with up to several hundred kbit/s and very well fits into existing PMR frequency landscape. The TETRA standard...

      • [News] Research and Markets: Public Safety Communications Market 20 日期:2016-02-24 21:08:15 點擊:4531 好評:4

        has announced the addition of the Public Safety Communications - From LMR to 5G report to their offering. Public Safety Communications - From LMR to 5G This report addresses in details one of the major changes in PSC: introduction of LTE (...

      • [News] World first MCPTT over eMBMS 日期:2016-02-24 20:52:14 點擊:2520 好評:4

        Today Samsung gave a live PS-LTE demonstaration. Its eMBMS transport is my design. :-) Samsung Electronics gave a live demonstration of its Public Safety solution that uses LTE technology (PS-LTE) to support emergency services. It is the w...

      • [News] Sanmina : Motorola Penang plant sale may lead to layoffs 日期:2015-11-10 21:30:18 點擊:1560 好評:2

        GEORGE TOWN: THE sale of Motorola Solution Incs production facility at the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone, here, to United States original equipment manufacturer Sanmina Corp may see some job losses. Business Times has learnt that while...

      • [News] Together, Siemens Convergence Creators and Huawei modernise 日期:2015-08-04 00:49:00 點擊:1200 好評:2

        [Shenzhen, China, July 30, 2015] As announced today, German Railways are replacing their 1st generation GSM-R technology and have commissioned a consortium made of Siemens Convergence Creators and Huawei with the migration of the system in...

      • [Technology] Hybrid Cloud Deployment of Networked Crisis CommunicationSol 日期:2015-06-16 00:19:00 點擊:1721 好評:2

        Organizations of all types are struggling with a complex set ofpriorities associated with emergency preparedness, response andrecovery in todays volatile environment. There are ever increasingthreats associated with manmade, environmental...

      • [News] WELCOME TO CRITICAL COMMUNICATIONS WORLD 2015 日期:2015-05-13 00:16:00 點擊:1565 好評:2

        The world largest gathering in the Critical Communications industry is approaching fast. Celebrating its 17thyear, CCW 2015 will take place in Barcelona from 19thto 21stMay. We cordially invite you to visit ZTE Booth at B401, where you are...

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